Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My friend Bob Horwitz

Robert Horwitz is his name. Bob is a friend of mine. If you belong to the Chicago running community chances are you have met Bob, ran with him, seen him or heard of him.

I met Bob in 2004 when I decided to take up the sport of endurance running again after a long lay off. Bob was my first pace leader in the 10 min CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association). I didn't know a thing about running at the time, all I knew was that you needed good shoes and not be drunk before or during training. I soon found out after the first long run at the 5th mile Bob's energy never stops. I always ran with Bob at the front of the pack, but as he would often do, he would run back to the rear to encourage the people in the back and then run to the middle and then back to the front with me. He would do this for every training run no matter what the mileage was over and over again during the run. If we were running a 16 miler he would end up doing a 20 because of the all the north - south running he was doing. Amazing. The bonus was Bob is a massage therapist and would bring his table to the end of the runs to teach people to stretch or offer a free massage.

Now Bob has a running blog site (Bob's Running Resources) for his running coaching business. I encourage you all to check it out.  Bob also has one of the sharpest photographic eyes I've ever seen. He always captures our lakefront path that we train on so perfectly. If you have a second take a look at his photos...They were all taken within walking distance of my home in Chicago.  Visit his Facebook page for all his photos. Bob's Photos


My first half marathon that Bob coached me. Tough conditions of heat and no water (Bob in Black Cap)

North Ave Beach Path
Some goof he met on the path last summer

Dave before Dawn

A rare mid-week RUCK at dawn

Clock Tower..

Fullerton Ave Beach
Fullerton Ave Beach



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