Thursday, May 2, 2013

Final April 2013 Chicago Carnage...

Yawwwwn woke up this am to hear a 9 year old boy was caught in a cross fire last night and is in critical condition right now.
Mr. Mayor we expect the normal no response since you're on a call talking to Hillary how to manage all that money she's making right now on the speaking tours ..and oh by the way when you say the killings are down from 2012..well it's because of new and improved medical care and people who just have bad gun skills, in other words they are shooting people in the non-lethal parts of the body (see graphic on where the bullets are hitting). Also your totals don't count people who are just grazed and released at the scene. 

Final April Totals
Shot & Killed: 22
Shot & Wounded: 135
Total Homicides: 24

Year to Date Totals
Shot & Killed: 84
Shot & Wounded: 445
Total Homicides:

This is what I woke up to this morning on my front porch of my building. The blood is pooled on the ground. I followed the blood trail for about a block until it went into the street and I suspect that's where his boys picked him up and took him to the ER. Going to be a hot summer

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